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About Selene Morales Serrano

Selene is a passionate and caring soul, who brings an innate gift to connect deeper on a more intuitive level, providing a safe container for her clients to relax into. She offers clarity and insight, leaving her clients with more sense of self awareness to create the necessary healthy changes they seek and desire.

She has her Reiki Masters and Mentorship in the Life Balance Development System and more. Mindfully skilled in Energy Work, Dream and Astral Work, Selene has also discovered that her true joy lays in helping to promote and heal Sexuality in a more positive and meaningful way.

Healing her own sexual, emotional and mental trauma has lead her to her confidence in guiding others to do the same and where she finds her absolute pleasure in helping those who are seeking guidance on their journey to self.


The Journey ..

"How did you get into all of this?"

Is something that I get asked frequently.

My response, I was angry.

I grew up hearing, “why are you so mad?” “That's just her attitude.” “She's moody.” etc. And I was. Angry, irritated, moody. For as long as my memories allowed me to remember.

Funny thing, I never understood where this anger /deep sense of sadness came from.

All I knew is that at certain times, it would get triggered. And if I surpassed the rage, I was left with deep sadness saying, I don't know. Over and over again.

I didn't know why I acted the way I did. I didn't know why I felt the pain that I did. Why I would react in certain ways, do certain things. I didn't know. - I could not remember.

So, at the age of 22, I decided and set the intention to heal the anger. And the depression and suicidal thoughts that came with it.

I began searching on the internet. Not knowing what I was searching for. Only that I was searching for some kind of help, some form of guidance.

And there it was. Reiki.

To be continued...

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