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Reiki Treatment

Reiki Session

Gentle Hands on Healing

Experience this gentle yet powerful hands-on healing session for your self care. Promoting relaxation that helps bring awareness to areas that are needing our attention. Allowing and supporting your body's natural ability to heal itself.

Image by Dave Hoefler

Life Balance Session

An Intuitive Read of Your Energy Centers

An intuitive reading of each Energy Center, Life Balance Sessions help bring awareness to the root cause of the physical, emotional, intellectual or even spiritual stress that causes dis"ease" within the body.

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Positive Passions Consultation

Sexual Healing

Do you need support and guidance in your health to sexuality? Advice in which pleasure products to purchase to help deepen your connection to self pleasure and sex?
Book your free mini consultation.

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Menstrual Cycle Tracking & Herbal Consultation

Connect to Your Natural Rhythm

Coming Soon.

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